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Animal Athics Committee

(Established by the Rajasthan State Legislative Assembly and as per Sec. 2(F) of UGC Act 1956.) Promoted by : Global Health Research And Management Institute, Udaipur

S.No. Name Designation Position in the Committee
1 Dr. Chandra Mathur Principal / Controller & Dean Chairperson
2 Dr. Darshan B.Kharadi Assistant Professor Member Secretary & Scientist of Animal House Facility
3 Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi Professor & Principal Scientist from different biological Discipline
4 Dr. Sharad Arora Vet. Doctor Veterinarian
5 Dr. Nadim Chistey Associate Professor Scientist from different biological Discipline (Zoologist)
6 Dr. Surendra Singh Rajpurohit Socially Aware Nominee